Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, BATHINDA

(A State University Established By Govt. of Punjab vide Punjab Act No. 5 of 2015 and Under Section 2(f) of UGC)

Tenders & Quotations

Sr. No. Description of Item Last Date
  • E-Tender for University Building
  • Drawing
  • Drawings
  • 2.
  • Advertisement and DNIT for various items against E-tender no:MRSPTU/Purchase/2016/46
  • specifications for Drawing Boards
  • Drawing Board spec.
  • specification for Control System Lab
  • specifications for desktop computers
  • specifications for Fluid Mechniery Lab
  • specifications for Ind Automation and Robotics Lab
  • specifications for Toners
  • specifications purchase of equipment for workshop
  • 25-10-2016
  • Corrigendum
  • Advertisement
  • E-Tender for civil works
  • DNIT of P&F Aluminum in workshop at PIT, Rajpura
  • DNIT of Construction of CC Flooring in Workshop
  • DNIT of Alum. Partitioning in HOD CSE, HOD Civil Engg. and PRO Office in MRSPTU, Bathinda
  • DNIT for replacement of damaged steel chowkhats, wooden doors & windows etc. in Residences of Campus
  • DNIT for replacement of damaged steel chowkhats, wooden and jali doors & windows in Boys and Girls Hostel
  • 05-11-2016(NEW)
  • Advertisement
  • Corrigendum of E-Tender MRSPTU/Purchase/2016/40 dated 11-8-2016
  • E-tender for purchase of Items
  • Specifications of Chemistry Lab (Drawing)
  • Specifications of Engg. Materials & Metallurgy Lab
  • Specifications of Error, Terror for Comm. Skill Rajpura
  • Specifications of Fixing Benches at PIT Nandgarh
  • Drawing of Fixed Benches for Classrooms at PIT Nandgarh
  • Specifications of FTIR & ATR Applied Chemistry
  • Addendum/Corrigendum of FTIR and ATR
  • Specifications of MMM Lab
  • Specifications of Modular Chemistry Lab
  • Specifications of Modular Physics Lab
  • Specifictions of Phyiscs Lab (Drawing)
  • 20-9-2016(NEW)
  • Advertisement
  • E-tender for purchase of items and P&F aluminum partitioning work
  • DNIT for P-F Alum partation in Administrative-Academic area of PIT GTBGarh Moga
  • Specifications of MFD
  • Specifications of Carpentry Items
  • Specifications of Computers
  • Specifications of Photostat Machines
  • Specifications of Printers and Scanner
  • Specifications of RO 150 LPH
  • Specifications of Stationary Items
  • Specifications of UPS
  • 25-07-2016
  • Corrigendum
  • Advertisement
  • Tender For ACs, Pharmacy College Hostel
  • Specifications For Lab
  • Specifications For ACs
  • 27-06-2016(New)
  • Corrigendum
  • E-Tender For Purchase of Computers, Lab Equipments & Civil Works
  • Specification of App. Thermodyanmics Lab
  • Specification of Auto CAD Software
  • Specification of BEEE Lab
  • Specification of Concrete Engg. Lab
  • Specification of Control Systems Lab
  • Specification of Electrical Machine-II Lab.pdf
  • Specification of Comuter, MFD, Printers, Scanners, Photostat
  • Specifications of Electrical Measurement Lab
  • Specifications of Engg. Material & Mutallurgy Lab
  • Specifications of Equipment (Glassware) for Chemistry Lab
  • Specifications of Equipment for Computer Lab
  • Specifications of Equipment for Elect. Machine-I Lab
  • Specifications of Equipment for Geotechnical Engg. Lab
  • Specifications of Equipment for Physics Lab
  • Specifications of Equipment of Workshop Rajpura Lab
  • Specification of Fluid Mechanics-I Lab
  • Specification of Fluid Mechniery Lab
  • Specification of Gen. Equipment for Chemistry Lab
  • Specification of Ind. Automation & Robotics Lab
  • Specification of Instrumentation and Measuring Devices Lab
  • Specification of Modular Chemistry Lab
  • Specification of Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Lab
  • Specification of Power Electronics & Drives Lab
  • Specification of Power Systems Analysis Lab
  • Specification of Software for CAD-CAM Lab
  • Specification of Strenght of Material Lab
  • Specification of Structural Analysis Lab
  • Specification of Surveying Lab
  • Specification of Theory of Machine Lab.pdf
  • Specification of Transporations Engg. Lab
  • 07-07-2016(New) 23/05/2016
  • Tender For Online Admission/Counselling Software
  • Tender Notice
  • 27/04/2016